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Monday, November 8, 2010

All the promises!!

I would be super happy with just Him and his love... but I can't help but get freaking excited when I think about the fact that EVERY SINGLE PROMISE of God is now a YES for me!! WOW! I mean, think about that! It's not selfishness, it's freeing! It is enabling! It is motivating! It is awe-inspiring! And it turns my gaze of wonder and amazement toward the Father who would allow his blessings to fall upon me. Realizations such as this are the ones that send us racing back to his feet in worship and thanksgiving!
Imagine, living a defeated life, never realizing all the gifts that our Father has given us in Christ? How sad that would be for a Father who desires to give us the richest abundant life possible, and all for HIS GLORY! What glory he gets knowing he has taken the lowliest of low humanity and elevated it to the heights of being actually RELATED to God himself! He did that. WHOOOO! Christ's blood flows through my veins, I am royalty, I am heir, I am so much more than I ever dreamed possible all because I accepted a simple gift I thought contained only eternal life, a Saviour, and love.
It makes me think of the TARDIS: Tiny little box, but when you look inside you marvel at all the glorious gifts and promises that have been crammed in there... How is it even possible?
Self-centered? NO! How could anyone even get a glimpse of all that was given to us at the moment of salvation and be selfish? I'm thinking that after crying my eyes out and hugging and kissing all over the giver I'd be out trying to give that gift to as many people as possible.

---a post I wrote on facebook. :)