My spiritual journey: moments of clarity, ponderings, and vast irritations

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Opportunity --- Seize the day or Walk Away?

Once in a lifetime the opportunity comes To leap from the comfort of the everyday Into the possibilities of the future. But what we do in that moment makes all the difference. Do we run and hide in terror at the thought of the unknown? Do we pretend everything is the same and go on As if oblivious to the new pathway? Do we question and research this avenue Yet refuse to act upon our knowledge? Do we beg the advice of those around us Allowing them to make our decisions Rather than listening to the voice of our own heart, Or do we cast aside the hum drum of our normal routine And embrace this new venture wholeheartedly? THIS choice makes all the difference in future fulfillment. Abundant life is offered freely, but when such freedom is refused.... What good can it bring to one's existence? Fears are lies. Worries are enemies. Anxiety is a phantom. The wall is an imaginary construct waiting to be crushed. So chase that dream with all your heart. GO! Make it yours while you can. You can grasp it if you only choose to do so. It lies with in you.